Calling out for something unknown


I don’t know, it was kinda nice seeing my folks again; or maybe I’m already homesick.


This a little here and there. Nothing big yet. Just had to find someone to help me out. So I might have something big in process. School is starting and I think we need a few false alarmed fire drills followed by I don’t know a mishave in the chem lab?

Hmm. I’m thinking of a partnership? I’m not gonna be anyone’s sidekick.

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I think you’ve got the wrong person. I have no clue why someone would send me flowers.


But what’s the point if they weren’t for me in the first place?


There’s no one else on the card, no one’s gonna miss them.
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Oh, well that’s still alright. I read about my home sometimes, too. I like imagining what it would have been like to live in the past, ya know? Or as a villager or as an animal or flower. It would be cool to be a flower, I think. Unless you get picked, then maybe not so much.


Why would you want to be a flower anyways? They just… stand there. Except the Wonderland flowers, but that’s a completely different issue.


Whatever kid.


'M name's Derek, not that that probably matters.


Get over yourself 

Did I do something?
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Really? You must love reading then. I like reading, too. Normally I like to read fiction books but sometimes nonfiction is just as enchanting.


Not going to lie, I’ve been mostly reading about my own town, so really it’s just me being a narcissist. 


I live up to everything. No but there is stories of freshman being put I to the lockers. Well Derek I think I’m actually glad to meet someone. -smirks-

Nah. That won’t be me. You know, you’ve got me interested. What’ve you done?


Yeah. Lockers. -smirks- what you got in mind? I’m Pace Pete. School trouble maker.

Do they attack you or something? Sounds like home. Derek Skellington. School trouble maker; awesome as fuck title but only if you live up to it.


Watch out for seniors and lockers. -laughes-

Hold up — lockers? [grinning]

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